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A judge is expected to decide Monday whether confessions made by Nathan Galli to four armed robberies can be admitted as evidence.

Galli's defense attorney has asked 3rd District Judge Glenn Iwasaki to suppress statements that his client made to police, saying the confessions were illegally obtained.Galli, one of four cousins charged with a string of armed robberies, confessed to robbing a bookstore, two movie theaters and a tool store. He also told Salt Lake police detectives that Adam, Aaron and Christopher Galli also participated in at least two of those robberies.

Should the statements be suppressed, the cases could be jeopardized because some of the victims have been unable to positively identify any of the Gallis.

Nathan Galli testified Friday that he admitted his involvement in the robberies and gave many details of the crimes before detectives read him his Miranda rights. He said he spoke to detectives only because he felt he had no choice.

On June 20, a Salt Lake officer screeched to a halt beside Galli's vehicle that was stopped at an intersection, pointed a gun at Galli's head and ordered him not to move, Galli testified. After frisking and handcuffing him and a girlfriend, Galli said the officers asked for his identification.

Officers had warrants to arrest Adam and Christopher Galli, but apparently not Nathan.

Galli said he was told detectives still wanted to question him that evening and said the comment was phrased "as if I didn't have a choice."

But Galli told prosecutor Robert Stott that he never asked if he could leave or told police that he didn't want to speak with them.