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I am writing to you in the hope of enhancing America's knowledge of our country's immigration situation. This last year, almost 2 million immigrants were granted legal status. Half of these were illegal aliens, but having lived here so long, they were given their rights. We as a nation cannot turn our heads and ignore this mass migration.

Illegal aliens have been a constant problem in America, one that we have not concluded. Usually poor and destitute from their less-appealing countries, these people have been taking jobs (mostly blue-collar) from the present day working class. Although they have provided a larger labor force, they have not provided the businesses to meet this ever-increasing immigration problem.People should be granted the same rights and privileges as those in America, but the United States cannot possibly house the whole world within her boundaries. Those in an economically and politically unstable country shouldn't run away from the problem, making it harder for both countries; they should vie for change in their own country.

I feel that politicians should take a firm stance about the country's immigration policies and hopefully resolve this seemingly uncontrolled migration. This is a voting issue and we as a people should vote on it through our governing proxies.

Daniel F. Marriott

Salt Lake City