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A Uintah Elementary School teacher had both thumbs injured Friday when a window fell suddenly while she was closing it.

Parents and administrators at the school have been pressing Salt Lake School District for some time to fix the windows to prevent injury to a child, a parent said."If the window had fallen on a child, the injuries could have been extremely serious," said Ann Storey, former Uintah PTA president.

Salt Lake District spokeswoman Jan Keller said she had not heard of the incident but the district will look into the situation and see how soon the window problem can be remedied.

The fifth-grade teacher, Rosalyn Norris, started closing a window to minimize construction noise coming from the replacement building under construction near Uintah. The heavy window suddenly fell and caused serious cuts on her thumbs.

"I thank heavens none of the children were hurt," Norris said. "A little boy was helping me close the windows. We had gotten three of the windows shut, but the fourth was up so high he couldn't reach it. Usually the windows are so hard to close, but I barely touched this one, and it came down like a guillotine. I'm lucky I still have my thumbs attached."

Norris said children had been watching the construction out the window 10 minutes before the accident. "If this had happened just minutes earlier, all those children would have been hurt."

Parents petitioned the district a year ago to replace the old building, which was seriously out of compliance with fire and safety codes. Fire officials had threatened to close the school unless the problems were remedied.

The new building is supposed to be ready to occupy at the beginning of the 1993-94 school year. However, Storey said, the district may consider using it to house other elementary students while construction is proceeding at their sites.

Keller said the district has not made a firm decision on using Uintah as temporary quarters for other school populations. Proposed construction and upgrading in the district has been put on hold while state legislators complete the details of a statewide equalization program. The program could cost Salt Lake District a considerable amount of money, delaying some of the building-upgrade plans.

Several children were disturbed at the incident, Storey said. The teacher was taken to a hospital for medical attention and sent home to recuperate.

Staff writer, Veronica Nelson contributed to this article.