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Until recently, I had a hard time imagining myself voting for Bill Clinton. He just doesn't seem all that presidential. But that changed after I heard Bush speak on TV. He said that it's time we make sure that there will be timber jobs today and in the future and that we should start caring for people and not owls.

There will be no timber jobs in the future without timber. If we lose the spotted owl, we will lose a part of this Earth, and if we continue to do that, soon there will be no Earth for our children.To me, it will be an unforgivable sin to sacrifice the spotted owl. That owl has every bit as much a right to live as we do.

It seems to me that Bush isn't concerned about the future at all. He's concerned about saving a few jobs in the present, just long enough to get elected. There must be other solutions that make true sense for the future of the loggers.

I am not a radical liberal or crazy environmentalist. I'm a middle-class mother. I want my daughter to have a world with forests and owls. I want her to be able to go outside without getting skin cancer. I want her to grow up in a world where there is some wilderness left.

I'm sorry that "conservation" is not considered conservative, but it's more important now than ever. Clinton is looking more presidential every day.

Swantje Johnson

Salt Lake City