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For years, when election time rolls around, I oftentimes find myself in the voting booth and not having a choice of candidates. During those time, as a protest vote, I would write in "Santa Claus." Now this election year, I have a problem. Santa Claus is on the ballot. Yes, it's George Bush against Santa. No wonder Bush is behind in the polls.

Am I the only one who is concerned that every stop Bill Clinton makes along the campaign trail, he is promising millions if not billions of dollars to whatever group he is addressing? He also seems to be on both sides of every issue. If this guy isn't Santa, I don't know who is.Has anybody added up the billions of dollars he has promised to spend? I'm sure that someone has, but the liberal press has shelved that story. The only way Clinton could even begin to fulfill these promises is with more tax increases. I know he says he will only raise taxes on the wealthy and on big business. No matter who he chooses to tax, it will all come back to us in the form of more expensive products and services and more inflation.

We cannot let Clinton play Santa Claus with our money. Besides, Clinton would not like the White House anyway. I hear the Oval Office has a draft.

W. Brent Taylor

West Point