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October began with a big rain squall. At dawn I met with the pilot to recheck distance. He says we have come 528 leagues from the Canaries. I know we have come more but showed to the men only 584 of the 707 leagues I know we have come. Add to that the 110 leagues we have just made, and we are far to the west. That is why much of the weed we now see is very old, and we have not seen so many birds. We have passed those islands drawn on the chart.

I think the men sense this, but I did not want to delay this past week, beating into the wind. Even though there were signs of land and I had information about certain islands in that region, it is my objective to pass to the Indies, and if I were to delay it would not make good sense.From "The Diario of Christopher Columbus's First Voyage to America, 1492-1493," translated by Oliver Dunn and James E. Kelley Jr. Published by the University of Oklahoma Press.

1989 Oliver Dunn and James E. Kelley Jr.