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Fire-fighters took only about 20 minutes to contain a Saturday morning construction-material fire that threatened Taylorsville Elementary School, 2010 W. 4230 South.

Investigators said the blaze was a case of arson.Salt Lake County Fire Department Captain Dennis Steadman said the fire began in an area adjacent to the school where roofing materials were being stored by a contractor who is in the process of reroofing the building.

"Firefighters did a good job of knocking it down before it got into the school and caused any damage there," said Steadman. Despite the quick response, the fire did $110,000 in damage, most of it to material and equipment. It destroyed a flatbed truck that belongs to the contractor and damaged a forklift and a tar melter while consuming much of the roofing material stored at the site, he said.

The fire briefly threatened a propane tank, said Steadman. He said about $10,000 of the damage was to the building itself, most of it to the outside of the structure, although two windows were broken by fire-fighters as they fought the blaze. He said the damage would most likely not affect school operations.

Three engines, 30 fire-fighters, a hazardous material response unit and a team of paramedics were at the scene shortly after the fire was reported at 7:22 a.m.