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A Syracuse police officer accused of having peeked into a woman's bedroom window last month has been charged with lewdness and making a false report.

Davis County Attorney Mel Wilson said both charges filed Thursday are Class B misdemeanors.Patrolman Douglas Peterson has been on unpaid suspension from the police department since Aug. 12, two days after a Syracuse woman reported a man had looked into her bedroom window the night before.

Chief Bruce Johnson said a neighbor reported seeing a man in police uniform outside her house between 10 p.m. and midnight.

Johnson said he conducted an internal investigation of the allegations, during which Peterson, a 12-year veteran with the department, admitted to being near the woman's home at the Country Crossings subdivision.

However, Peterson said he was in the area as part of a routine foot patrol.

Following the investigation, the chief placed the officer on indefinite leave. Earlier this month, Mayor Michael R. Garrett placed Peterson on 30 days suspension without pay and 12 months' job probation.

Peterson is scheduled to return to duty early next month.

If found guilty, Peterson could face up to six months in the Davis County Jail on each charge.