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Junior high school students in Granite District are into competition again, duking it out in the Granite/Pepsi Academic Games. The competition, piloted last year with eight schools, has expanded to 14 for the 1992 games.

Two leagues have been formed. The original competitors were Brockbank, Churchill, Eisenhower, Evergreen, Hunter, Jefferson, Wasatch and West Lake. New to the games are Granite Park, Kearns, Kennedy, Olympus, Valley and Bennion.The first three games will focus on math, rounds four to six on science and the seventh a combination of both disciplines. Former U.S. education secretary T.H. Bell, who also was Utah commissioner of higher education, promoted the academic competition.

The defending champion, Jefferson, came in with the highest score in the first games, at 53 points. Jefferson defeated Valley, which scored 12 points. Other winners were Churchill over Wasatch, 30-17; Brockbank over West Lake, 29-20; Bennion over Olympus, 27-24; and Eisenhower over Kearns, 20-17.

The next games are Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 3 p.m. Match-ups, with home team first, include Wasatch vs Bennion; Olympus vs. Granite Park; Kearns vs. Jefferson; Valley vs. Hunter; Evergreen vs. West Lake.