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QUESTION: A group of us are going to paris to visit the major museums - the Louvre, d'Orsay, Pompidou, Picasso and Orangerie. Are there English-speaking guides that could go with us to visit them?

ANSWER: Here are some English-speaking guides that can lead groups through the museums of Paris, or organizations that can provide them. The Pompidou museum does not accept private guides. The museum, telephone, will provide an English-speaking guide for a tour of 60 to 90 minutes for $100. To visit with a group you should make arrangements with the museum at least two weeks in advance.The Service des Visites et Conferences des Musees Nationaux, 62 Rue St.-Antoine, 75181 Paris Cedex 04,, will provide guides with art history backgrounds for groups to museums of your choice. Groups must be 30 or fewer. The fee for the group is $120, plus museum admission; $60 for the elderly. You will have to call the museum to arrange the visit, however.

Conferenciers des Monuments Historiques, Hotel de Sully, 62 Rue St.-Antoine, 75004 Paris, These guides all have degrees in art history. The charge is $92 for a group for a 90-minute tour.

Troismil, 35 Rue la Boetie, 75008 Paris, Guides have taken art history courses at the Louvre. The charge is $198 for a half-day.

Pierre-Andre Helene, Ecoute du Passe, 77 Avenue de St.-Mande, 75012 Paris, Helene, with a degree in art history, charges $176 for a two-hour tour.

Veronique d'Audeville, 1 Rue Pierre Gourdault, 75013 Paris, Her guides have studied art history. The cost for a half-day tour is $160.

Daniele Louveau-Jouan, 237 Rue du Faubourg St.-Martin, 75010 Paris, She has a degree in tourism and has studied art and charges $166 for a tour of two or three hours.

Generally, the services say, to assure a visit at the time you wish it is best to contact a guide at least a month in advance.

QUESTION: Do you know of any companies that conduct horse riding holidays in the United States and abroad?

ANSWER: Here are two companies that offer riding vacations and some examples of their trips. Prices, which do not include air fare, are for each of two people sharing a room, and include all meals.

Equitour, Bitterroot Ranch, Post Office Box 807, Dubois, Wyo. 82513; (800) 545-0019 or (307) 455-3363. This company offers rides in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Among several rides in Wyoming is a weeklong trip, with camping, that traces part of the old Pony Express route, $1,095; departure dates are June 20 and 21 and July 18 and 25, 1993. A 14-day trip in the Masai Mara in Kenya, with 11 days riding, is $2,800; trips start Jan. 4 and Aug. 10. A weeklong inn-to-inn ride in Donegal, Ireland, $1,200, is offered weekly April through September. A 17-day trip to Rajasthan, Feb. 26 to March 14, with lodging in palaces-turned-hotels, is $3,400. Weeklong rides in Queensland, Australia, are offered year-round for $600.

FITS Equestrian, 685 Lateen Road, Solvang, Calif. 93463; (800) 666-3487. A weeklong riding holiday in New Hampshire during foliage season, with lodging in an inn, is $1,090; trips start this Oct. 11 and 18.