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Most Americans expect to see a black president and cures for AIDS and cancer in the 21st century, a poll found. But they doubt medicine will conquer the common cold, and they foresee more environmental disasters.

Fifty-three percent of the 800 Americans questioned in the Time magazine-CNN poll said they believe the second coming of Jesus Christ will occur within the next 1,000 years. The poll, conducted in July, is on newsstands today.Given a list of possible events in the 21st century, 75 percent said they expect a cure for AIDS; 80 percent a cancer cure; and 39 percent a cure for the common cold.

A majority of Americans also foresee more poverty (61 percent), disease (53 percent) and environmental disasters (59 percent).

In politics, the next century will bring both a black president and a woman president, 76 percent said.

Thirty-two percent said they will meet beings from other planets.

Asked to choose between pairs of famous people for their impact on history, those questioned picked Christopher Columbus over Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison over Albert Einstein, Beethoven over the Beatles and Mikhail Gorbachev over Karl Marx.