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Salt Lake police investigators are still piecing together evidence involving two shootings Sunday. At least one of the shootings was gang-related.

Members of a gang told police that rival gang members drove by and shot at them about 4:15 p.m. Sunday near 1600 S. Major St. One of the victims apparently fired back and hit the driver of the vehicle in the hand, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Jim Bell.The victim, 23, was treated at a nearby hospital and later released.

But when police later located the victim on the other side of town, he told them he didn't know who had shot him or why. An additional bullet had been discovered lodged in the vehicle's dashboard.

A second shooting occurred about 9:30 p.m. at 515 E. 500 South. Several shots were fired from a parking lot across the street, Bell said. Bullets struck the home and also struck a tree at a home next door.

At some point, Jerry Romero, 36, apparently walked from the home to cross the street and was struck in the arm by a bullet from a high-powered rifle. He was taken to LDS Hospital, where he was in satisfactory condition Monday. Angel Thomas, 20, was also injured when she was hit in the cheek by fragments.