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Huge crowds gathered for the opening of the new Wal-Mart store in Logan this weekend. For a day.

The doors opened Saturday, but then were locked again Sunday after store management quizzed employees about their preferred work schedules.Most of the retail giant's stores across the country are open seven days a week, and Randy May, the general manager of the North Logan store, said he didn't intend his to be any different.

Until he went through an estimated 3,000 applications for jobs.

Ninty-nine percent of the applicants, he said, preferred not working on Sunday.

"That sends a pretty powerful message," he said.

The decision, May said, underscores the role the 250 local employees with play in management decisions.

For instance, the employees recently held a fund-rasier for local charities and decided to whom the money would be given.

Almost $10,000 was raised, and employees divided it among Head Start, the Cache County Search and Rescue Team, and Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse, which runs a local shelter for battered women.