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A search is under way for an associate director of the Box Elder County Economic Development Board. Current director, Robert Valentine, plans to retire at the end of 1992.

Jerry Mason, chairman of the Economic Development Board, told Box Elder County commissioners that a transition period is crucial. He pointed out that, because of the county's tight budget, Valentine has offered to stay on as director with compensation only for expenses during the six to 12 months it will take to train the new person. This will allow the county to hire the associate director at a salary within the current range.Mason expects a large number of applicants for the position. However, he fears that the relatively low salary the county can offer might tempt the new director to move on after a year or so. Mason told commissioners that some incentive must be included in a hiring agreement to encourage the new person to stay.

Commissioners rejected a previously proposed incentive program designed by the Economic Development Board, which would have offered bonuses based on performance.

Commissioners James White and Lee Allen expressed concern that such an incentive program would cause other county agencies to expect bonus programs. Allen added that Box Elder County Attorney Jon Bunderson advised that any incentive program must be budgeted and based on documentable achievements.

Commissioners voted instead that the new director will become a candidate for an increase in step and grade with each year's budget. Any increase would be based on concrete evidence of economic growth in the county. County auditor/treasurer Carlla Secrist told commissioners that monitoring of the tax base could provide that evidence.