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Clear cola! Pepsi's new Crystal Pepsi (caffeine-free) is on the shelves in a diet and regular version. A six-pack of 12 fluid-ounce cans retails for $1.95.

Don Russell: "I don't think I've ever tasted a soft drink that I really didn't like, so, of course, I enjoyed new Crystal Pepsi. If I would have consumed this drink blindfolded, I would have assumed it was a regular Pepsi. Although it's not a brand new idea, the concept of a clear cola gives cola drinks a fun new spin to them. Pepsi seems to be going after a few market share points that are being taken by bottled water and other `healthy' drinks. I'm glad Pepsi has chosen not to add caffeine to Crystal Pepsi."Nihla Lake: "You got the wrong one, Baby! Maybe if our family wasn't so pro-`other product,' we could have given this one a fair test. We thought it tasted a little like ginger ale or Sprite, but no one was very excited about it. With a little more effort, we probably could acquire a taste for it."

Judy Slack Wilson: "I tried the regular clear Pepsi and I loved it. It doesn't taste exactly like `brown' Pepsi, but I like it better. I can spill it all over myself and no one will know it!"

Edyth Jensen: "I don't go for colas, never have. My kids like Crystal Pepsi, especially since it's caffeine-free. My daughter likes it because it doesn't seem as strong. I could drink this if it was the only soft drink around. We'll be buying it again."

Linda C. Tingey: "Crystal Pepsi gets mixed reviews from our house. Three of us say `you can have this!' I like caffeine-free regular Pepsi, but I sure didn't like this. But two of my teenagers just love it and go to the store all the time now to buy it."

Rich Firmage: "My wife and I are true-blue Pepsi drinkers. We like the taste of the regular Pepsi. We weren't too impressed with this new one, though. When I want a clear non-caffeine soft drink, I'll buy a Slice."

Conclusion: The lines are drawn - if you say "uh huh" with Ray Charles, you probably won't like this. But some Pepsi drinkers and a lot of teens say this light and clear cola is the right stuff, amen!

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