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Call me a poor loser if you want, but I'd like to have one last comment on the recent primary Senate race between Joe Cannon and Bob Bennett. I think it's a shame how Cannon was so criticized for spending money on his election.

We've all heard the saying, "Put your money where your mouth is" when it comes to making claims. Cannon was showing us that he was willing to spend his personal money to back the kind of leadership from Utah he felt we needed.If he was spending taxpayers' money, then there would be room to complain; but he wasn't, nor was he using funds from PACs and special interest groups. In addition, all the money Cannon spent out of his own pocket went into Utah's economy, and none of it was used to tear down his opponent.

The constant criticism of Cannon's spending, particularly by the media, was irrelevant in my opinion, but done because no one could find anything negative to report about his private or public life nor his political goals.

I respect the kind of positive campaign Cannon ran, and I respect Joe Cannon. In my book, he's a winner.

Kathy Farnes

Pleasant Grove