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Republican 2nd Congressional District candidate Enid Greene spoke to members of Olympus High School American Institution class and announced her plan to overhaul the American education system.

"It's a shame to hear from the Department of Education that 43 percent of the nation's high school juniors couldn't place World War I in the period between 1900 and 1950, while education spending has increased 33 percent since 1980," Greene said. "Our schools must be given more local control not only financially, but in setting curriculum and teaching methods as well."Greene stressed her support for Head Start and spoke of introducing more competition into schools, increasing business and school partnerships, bolstering vocational training and reforming college loan programs, as well.

Greene also said teachers must be rewarded for excellence and have more flexibility and more support from parents.

Showing her opposition to the National Education Association, Greene said, "I can't support a teacher's organization that becomes too political."

She referred to the NEA as hypocrites and said despite preaching freedom of speech, they banned "pro-life" buttons and closed down the Boy Scout exhibit at their own convention.