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With a plethora of sophisticated videocassette recorders available, it may be difficult to determine which to choose if you're thinking about buying one. There are many excellent VCRs available. Following are a few Video Magazine recommends:

- JVC's $1,000 HR-S6800U Super-VHS editing VCR. Features such as an index search mode (which allows users to speed through a tape to electronically marked starting points) and a picture-quality adjustment (effective for sharpening and softening the image of prerecorded tapes) make it one of the most finest VCRs on the market.- Mitsubishi's $999 HS-U67, which is also a premium S-VHS deck, has a special ViewPoint guidance system that works like a menu-driven computer program. All users have to do is press the program button, and the machine will lead them through a chain of task options. It also features an Intelligent Picture system which delivers an optimum image from any tape by combining digital audio and video tracking, noise reduction and color monitoring.

- Panasonic's $699 PV-4264 VHS VCR. While this model cannot record in Super-VHS format, it has the capability to play back S-VHS tapes with the picture quality of standard VHS. Its features include digital picture correction, video and audio dubbing and adjustable slow motion. The PV-4264 also contains both a conventional remote control and Panasonic's super Program Director remote.

- Two fine VCRs that list for less than $650 are Sony's $649 SLV-696HF and Toshiba's $630 M-658. The Sony contains a multifunction shuttle dial as well as amenities such as VCR Plus, on-screen programming, and program indexing. Toshiba's deck is perfect for video renters, with an advance feature that allows one to zoom in on every little nuance in a fllm.

- RCA's $549 VR667HF VHS VCR, which has the ability to interface with a cable box so that multichannel recording sequences can be programmed.