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A legislative candidate who "wanted to win at all costs" fired five shots into his opponent's home, wounding the man's wife, the sheriff says.

Eric Kaplan, the Democratic candidate for a state House seat in suburban Orlando, was arrested Monday and charged with attempted murder in the attack that wounded Judith Starks, the wife of Republican Rep. Robert Starks.Kaplan, 28, was jailed on $100,000 bail. He was also charged with aggravated battery and firing into an occupied dwelling.

Sheriff Don Enslinger said authorities believe Starks was the intended target.

Kaplan "apparently wanted to win at all costs," Enslinger said.

Kaplan's attorney issued a statement saying Kaplan denied any involvement in the shooting.

Mrs. Starks, 47, was shot through the calf early Sunday as she sat up in bed, alarmed by the sound of gunfire. She was treated at a hospital. Starks, an airline pilot, was away on the job at the time.

A neighbor heard the shots and followed Kaplan's car to his apartment complex, where police found a five-shot .38-caliber revolver and a handwritten note with Starks' address on it, said sheriff's spokesman George Proechel.