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Dear Do-It Man: We request your help in getting a refund for a camcorder that proved to be a misrepresentation. We regret the experience we had of going into a shop in Hong Kong called the Great Company. It is located at 54-56B Nathan Road in Kowloon.

We feel we were taken advantage of in a fraudulent manner. Here's why.The Panasonic camcorder is a Japanese/Chinese model even though the salesman assured us it was a USA model.

The instruction booklet is written in Japanese.

The warranty is not in effect in the United States.

Paper gum labels were stuck over the names identifying the switch controls that are printed on the camcorder.

The machine is not the same model that was demonstrated to us.

The mode select switch does not function properly.

The eject load wheel does not function properly.

People here have told us our video recorder and the accessories we bought with it are worth $600 to $700. We paid $9,565 in Hong Kong dollars. That is approximately $1,200 in U.S. dollars.

We would like a full refund. We will return the camcorder when we have the credit in hand. The salesman knew we were practically on our way to the airport for our departure back to the United States. We feel we became the victims of his pressure and dishonesty.

- E.S., Provo. The JVC camera comes with a worldwide warranty and an instruction booklet that's written in English.

The store says its salesman believed you understood that the Panasonic video camera you purchased was a Japanese domestic model that operates in the NTSC mode and therefore can be used in the United States.

It admits that the Panasonic camera did not come with an English instruction booklet, but it said the English label stickers that came on the camera were there for the benefit of foreigners like you.

The store says its salesman tested and checked everything right in front of you before it packed the items for you. It says it cannot see any mishandling on its part.

The company agreed to make the exchange in an effort to offer its best services to you.