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I would like to take issue with one of Wayne Owens' political commercials that contains information presented as factual, when in fact, a major portion of the commercial is anything but accurate.

The commercial indicates Owens helped appropriate funds for distribution to thousands of persons who contracted leukemia or cancer as a result of being exposed to fallout. The first part of the previous sentence is regrettably true. Because of Owens' efforts, a lot of money will be unjustifiably spent for medical conditions that were not caused by fallout.The second part of the premise is totally without scientific basis. The best science to date, from known radiation effects at known radiation doses when compared to radiation doses to fallout-exposed people established by scientific inquiry, would indicate that very few, certainly no more than a few dozen cancers among the "downwinders," are actually due to radiation.

If Owens would like substantiation that what I am saying is true, that information is available from several highly regarded scientists at the University of Utah. I challenge Owens to educate himself on the issue before he makes claims of large-scale ill health among the "downwinders," when the best scientific evidence does not support his position.

I suspect, however, that Owens' major interest in making the commercial is for the political mileage he can make out of the "downwinder" question and he is not interested in educating himself or the public on the fallout and dose effect facts as they are known at this time.

R.J. Hoffman

Interwest Health Physics

Salt Lake City