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Pleasant Grove

During the Tuesday meeting of the Pleasant Grove City Council, the following agenda items were discussed:- $415,000 in excise tax revenue bonds was approved for improvements on 1100 North and other roads.

- Cost estimates and park layout prints were presented to the council in preparation for the bond election Tuesday. A high-end estimate on Manila Park was $1,695,135.

- Councilwoman Mary West was selected by the council to work with the finance office in reviewing methods of monetary distribution from funds received through the Housing Consortium.

- The City Council approved a Visa card for the Narcotics Enforcement Team with a $2,000 limit.

- Four subdivisions received final approval on plats: High Mountain Meadows, Strawberry Pointe, Roxbury and Autumn Cove.

- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints received a conditional use permit to build a 71/2-acre park at 100 W. 1800 North.

- April Harmer was approved by the council to become the new head librarian. Emily Reimschussel was appointed to fill the last vacancy on the library board.