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Successful women shouldn't forget their less fortunate sisters - that's a lesson the new Women in Business Council is taking to heart.

The council, which is part of the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce, is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a single woman who is raising children alone and is determined to get more education.The council has been in existence only since January but has raised enough money for this scholarship and plans fund-raisers to make it an annual project.

"As women who have made it successfully in the business world, we want to pass that on to someone who hasn't had the same opportunities we've had and help them become successful in their own right," said Penny Atkinson, who heads the council's executive board.

"In the state, there are many single women trying to raise families by themselves," Atkinson said. "With all the cuts in social services, funds are drying up for them to get help. We want to help contribute so they don't have to rely on welfare or any state agency."

Applicants have until Oct. 2 to apply.

To be eligible, a woman must live in West Jordan, be a single mother with children living at home, be seeking or willing to seek a degree or enrollment in a training program to develop a workplace skill, and either already be accepted by a college or university, or get accepted by spring quarter of 1993.

Applications are available at the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce, the library, city hall and many area daycare centers.

Atkinson said a council subcommittee will select the scholarship recipient.

The scholarship will be awarded at a banquet at the New China Restaurant on Oct. 10. At that time, there will be a drawing for a painting donated by Randi Wagner and a silent auction.

Proceeds from the evening will be used as seed money for next year's scholarship, she said.

The Women in Business Council generally attracts about 30 women to its monthly luncheon programs. "We've made wonderful inroads," Atkinson said. "Most of the members are middle- to upper-management. It's wonderful to see that many women in those kinds of positions."

Atkinson said male members of the chamber were wary at first when the women launched the project. "They were a little bit nervous about us and whether we were able to accomplish what we wanted to," she said. However, as time went on, "they have been wonderfully supportive."

Two male corporate directors approached her and made generous donations to the scholarship fund without being asked, she said.

Financial sponsors include National Semiconductor, the city of West Jordan, Southwire Corp., West One Bank and the Comfort Inn, as well as individual chamber members. Other donors are Smith's Food & Drug Center and the Sleep Inn in Park City.