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A surprise dip in enrollment at Granite District's year-round schools will be monitored over the next few weeks so staffing adjustments can be made if necessary.

In the 15 elementary schools on year-round schedules, 421 fewer students enrolled in late July than were anticipated, said Kent Gardner, district public relations officer. Brockbank and Jefferson junior high schools, which just went on the year-round calendar this year, saw 113 fewer students than had been projected.Gardner told the Granite School Board that final enrollment numbers, due Oct. 1, may show that more students have showed up in the year-round schools or in schools on traditional calendars.

School enrollment is very sensitive to economic changes, he said. Principals are being asked to carefully monitor their own neighborhoods to aid in projecting student numbers.

Other Granite officials reported smooth openings at the year-round schools. The two junior high schools are being continually assessed to determine how the new calendars function. As expected, regulating class sizes has been a challenge. Some classes have had as few as five students enroll, only to jump remarkably when tracks change. More than 10 teachers have been hired so the district can make good on its promise that all courses will be offered on all tracks, said Dianne Hesleph, administrative leader for junior high schools.

Overall, she said, the opening of the two junior high programs has been smooth. Administrators report less stress, fewer discipline problems and smoother functioning at the schools as overcrowding is alleviated.