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It has ever been important to look for honest, wise and good people to vote for, and anything less invariably brings big problems. What we need are true statesmen committed to principle, rather than grinning politicians eager to buy votes to further their own selfish interests.

When acceptable candidates can't be found in the main political parties, a lesser-known "underdog" from a different party ought to be considered. A vote for a good person who doesn't seem to have a chance of winning is not a vote wasted, and it's better than choosing the lesser of two evils.When we vote for someone with integrity and character, we can sleep well with a clear conscience, knowing that at least we did what we could at the ballot box.

If enough people are fussy about whom they vote for, we could see a shift away from the increasing socialism of recent years and back toward the original constitutional principles that once protected our freedoms. Who knows, we might even get the U.S. Constitution off the endangered species list.

Lorin M. Twede