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The Service Corps of Retired Executives, a volunteer organization that provides free information for people who want to start a business or those in business who need assistance, have honored several people who make presentations during monthly SCORE workshops.

Honored were Josie Valdez, Loy Rasmuson, Chuck Christensen, Hal Gardner, T.C. Van Ausdal, James M. Richards, Keith J. Henderson, A. Robert Thorup, Wayne D. Swan, Daniel J. Torkelson, Daniel V. Goodsell, John Hanson, Steve Camp, R. Kent Moon, Mitchell J. Hurley, Richard Gray, David S. Hill, Dave Bybee, Lane K. Peterson, Scott Henderson, Ann Sims, Kery D. Oldroyd, Roger Smith, Robert Perry, Jason Pearson, Larry Bernaski, Steven E. Smoot, Stan Rees and Steve Price.