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If your kids' collections and keepsakes from summer camp, strolls on the beach or autumn nature walks are showing up in nooks and crannies all over the house, here are some ways to contain the treasures while at the same time spurring your child's creativity.

- Glue small pinecones or seashells on picture frames. If you've picked up old frames at garage sales this summer, be sure rusty nails and sharp wires are removed. Enlarge a photo from your vacation or from the place you collected the pinecones. Mat the photo and display it in the frame. Label the location and date on the matting. If you don't have a photo, your child might enjoy drawing or painting a picture of summer memories.- Use a glue gun (with adult assistance) or household glue to affix small shells, feathers, etc., to the top rim of kid-size sunglasses. Add beads, glitter and bows for more pizzazz. Wear the sunglasses on a sunny day or use them for the makings of a costume for a backyard play or for Halloween.

- To create a unique vase for the kitchen table, glue the collectibles and craft supplies on the outside of an empty coffee can. Arrange dried weeds and colorful leaves in the can for a fabulous centerpiece. For fresh flowers, place a jar in the can, fill the jar with water and arrange the flowers.

- Set aside a special "nature table" in a family room or bedroom. As your child's collection grows, arrange and display the items for your child to identify and talk about when friends and relatives visit.

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