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Rock star Madonna has invited Britain's Princess Diana to move into her apartment in America to escape speculation that her marriage to Prince Charles is on the rocks.

Madonna, 34, who is divorced from American actor Sean Penn, is no stranger to the media spotlight herself but admits she can find places to hide."I have weeks off, and she doesn't. It's hideous. Nobody really knows what this girl is going through," Madonna told the British music weekly New Musical Express.

"I invite her to come and live in my apartment," she said.

Diana, 31, was seen weeping in public this summer after newspaper reports of strains in her marriage to heir to the throne Charles.

The controversy built up following publication of a tell-all biography which unlike other stories of royal discord had some well-placed sources and could not be denied. The book said the prin-cess was so unhappy she tried to slash her wrists.

The intense media scrutiny was stoked a few weeks later when the princess was said to have spoken disparagingly of her husband and his family in a private telepone call intercepted and recorded in mysterious circumstances.

"The fact that she has to live in the public eye, I mean I would slit my wrists already. I can't understand how this poor girl can take it," Madonna said.