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Every summer, the foreboding sign of stilted traffic lurks in many intersections across the Salt Lake Valley. I am speaking of the orange-jacketed road workers who repair our roads.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for road maintenance. Maybe it's just common sense that makes me realize that if you close or slow two of three heavily used roads, it leave one road extremely stressed and crowded.For example, 6200 South has been closed and 4700 South has been very slow. This left the bulk of traffic detoured on 5400 South, which has been a nightmare.

I think a solution to this problem is to put more crews on the job. Do the roads one at a time. It would be more efficient and less time-consuming. Close the road while it is being worked on.

With only one road closed, that should leave the commuter with more detour choices. If the person making these decisions wants to benefit the community, he or she can do this by not frustrating commuters.

Cale Berg