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Salt Lake County

The Salt Lake County Commission on Monday, Sept. 28:- Heard a plea from Health Department Director Dr. Harry Gibbons for county residents to lower ozone levels near ground level. His five suggestions:

1. Don't top off your car's gas tank.

2. Don't spill gasoline when filling the tank.

3. Keep cars tuned and in good running condition.

4. Plan trips to minimize miles traveled.

5. Avoid charcoal starter fluids for barbecues.

Gibbons worries federal officials will implement a costly program to lower ozone levels along the Wasatch Front if residents don't comply.

- Gave $2,000 to Utah Issues, a advocate group for the poor.

- Agreed to allow several subdivisions in the county's extreme southwest corner to go without curbs, gutters or sidewalks. Residents want to retain a rural atmosphere in those areas.

- Approved requests from 10 employees to travel to seminars and conferences from San Francisco to New York City.