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A jury will be allowed to hear of confessions Nathan Galli made about how he and other relatives robbed four businesses, a judge ruled Monday.

Nathan's attorney argued that Nathan's confessions were illegally obtained, but 3rd District Judge Glenn Iwasaki denied a motion to suppress the confessions.The judge set a trial date of Nov. 17 in the robbery of the Kings English Book Shop. When the trial occurs, Detective Kyle Jones will undoubtedly again testify that Nathan Galli confessed that he - along with Adam and Christopher Galli - participated in the armed robbery.

Last week, Nathan testified that he told police "that I was involved. I drove a separate car." Nathan said he was the "lookout" and explained the roles that his brother and cousin played during the bookstore robbery. He even drew a diagram explaining each person's participation.

Nathan also implicated another cousin, Aaron Galli, indicating that he participated in two other robberies.

Despite the confessions from Nathan and Adam, the Gallis - dubbed the "preppy bandits" - have pleaded not guilty to the robberies. And Aaron has repeatedly denied the foursome's involvement in the crimes to the media.

But Adam, too, has confessed to the robberies and implicated the other three. At least four separate trials are pending.

Jones testified Monday that Nathan told him the bookstore robbery was the first robbery he had committed. He participated with Adam and Christopher because he said he had no money to pay rent.

Defense attorney Walter Bugden argued that Nathan's confessions to police came only after he was illegally detained.