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Here is the latest report on boating waters in Utah for the Labor Day weekend:

Bear Lake - Good launching from Cisco Beach. Boats of any size can launch from make-shift ramp. Boaters should use four-wheel drive vehicle. Rendezvous Beach offering tractor launch service for $10 launch, $10 retrieve. State Park Marina, Sweetwater Marina and First Point ramps closed.Hyrum - Ramp is out of the water. Reservoir 55 percent full.

Willard Bay - Fair launching and boating. Water level at both marina is shallow. Use caution when within 1/2-mile of shore.

Lost Creek - Poor boating and launching. Reservoir 20 percent full.

East Canyon - Only 1 of 3 lanes open for launching. Reservoir 40 percent full.

Rockport - Poor launching and boating. No launching boats over 20 feet.

Deer Creek - Ramp expected to be out of water any day. Launching at Island Resort poor.

Great Salt Lake - Good launching for power boats, poor for sailboats.

Utah Lake - Ramp at Provo Harbor almost out of the water, but gravel has been put at bottom of ramp. Boaters should stay at least 1,000 yards from shore.

Yuba - Poor conditions for boating. Reservoir 10 percent of full.

Scofield - Fair conditions for boating and launching. Rocks are now exposed island in reservoir. It is 15 percent full.

Huntington - Good launching and boating.

Millsite - Excellent boating and launching.

Starvation - Good launching and boating. Water level good and dropping slowly.

Steinaker - Good launching and boating.

Red Fleet - Good launching and boating.

Minersville - Good launching and boating.

Piute - Fair conditions for launching and boating.

Otter Creek - Poor launching and boating. Ramp is out of water. Reservoir 25 percent full.

Gun Lock - Excellent boating and launching.

Quail Creek - Excellent boating and launching.

Lake Powell - Excellent boating and launching.