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Location: Located on the western outskirts of Ogden - 2450 A Avenue.

Features: Restored replica of early mountain man fort, complete with stockaide, cabins and trading post.Facilities: Visitor center, modern rest rooms, overnight group camping area, canoeing, fishing, drinking water and picnic tables.

Season: Open daily April through November.

Fees: Day use is $3, group camping is $2 per person age 6 and older.

Elevation: 4,500 feet.

Nearby: Town of Ogden and the Union Station museum of old cars and the early railroads in the area are features. Also, Air Force Museum of aviation near the Roy exit, featuring many of the earliest and latest aircraft. Also there's the Weber River, Willard Bay, access to Huntsville area and Pineview Reservoir.

Tips: Excellent place to go and step back in history. Can arrange for special guided tours of the complex with park officials. There's also a trading post inside the stockade that features items of the mountain man era. Lake inside the park offers a great place to boat for a hour or two.

Community Events: Mountain Man Rendezvous over Labor Day weekend will feature a village of more than 100 teepees. There will also be muzzleloader shoots, canoe races, tomahawk throw, and other contests of the early times. Also Indian dances and western music in evenings. Public is invited to attend and participate.

Reservation/Information: Fort Buenaventura State Park, 621-4808 or Utah Division of Parks and Recreation at 538-7221. Reservations call 322-3770 from Salt Lake area, 1-800-322-3770 outside area.