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Following are capsulized versions of recommended restaurants reviewed by Al Church, Deseret News Dining Out columnist:

Cafe Terigo, 424 Main St., Park City. 645-9555. Inventive Mediterranean cuisine from pesto pizza to grilled seafood with pasta, lasagna and ginger coconut shrimp. Rich desserts, uncluttered atmosphere and good service round out this pleasant restaurant. * * * 1/2Wasatch Broiler, 4927 S. State, Murray. 266-3311. A modest menu and interior can't disguise a cuisine that inspires reflection and a healthful approach to dining. Lemon seasoning and flame broiling enhance chicken, seafood and beef ribs. Herb potatoes and rice pilaf are also very good. * * * *

Cisero's Italian Ristorante, 306 Main St., Park City. 649-6800. Locals and visitors alike flock to this well-run restaurant for weekly specials (Monday night is spaghetti night), traditional Italian dishes, and seafood special-ties. * * * 1/2

Inti Restaurant, 2124 S. State. 466-4350. The area's only Peruvian restaurant, with other dishes from South America. Wonderful soups, seafood and beef stir fry dishes with mild to spicy seasonings, and other intriguing entrees, as well as traditional desserts. * * * 1/2

Jade Garden Restaurant, 37 W. 10600 South, Sandy. 571-0808 or 0897. Just when one assumes that many of the area's Chinese restaurants are serving similar to identical menus, along comes another that breaks the stereotype with inventive dishes like stewed chicken with pineapple and mainstay dishes like fried rice and barbecued pork with colorful touches. * * * *

La Pinata, 2 Main St. (7720 S. 700 West) Midvale. 568-1590. An unassuming Mexican eatery that specializes in mild green salsa and sauces, wonderful homemade tamales, black bean chili, and other moderately seasoned specialties. * * *

Joe Morley's Smoked Beef Barbecue, 669 E. Center, Midvale. 255-8928. Cherrywood-smoked meats including some of the best beef brisket around town are served along with barbecue sauces, cole slaw, steamed onions and all the fixin's. Wonderful clam chowder, a great homemade mud pie along with huge fountain drinks round out the menu. * * * 1/2

Helen's Restaurant and Garden Cafe, 6055 S. 900 East. 265-0205. This charming cottage restaurant features both the simple peasant and sophisticated cosmopolitan fare of Czechoslovakia. From noodles with mild mushrooms to chicken with paprika and cream along with roladen and sauerbraten, Helen's reflects a welcome addition of a time-honored cuisine. * * * *

Giovanni's, Big Cottonwood Canyon. 364-4484. Italian specialties with creative flair served in an intimate and leisurely paced setting. Executive chef Norm Runyan's experience assures quality and consistency. * * * * *

Lakeside Cottage, 3761 S. Charleston Road, Highway 113, Charleston. 654-3456. Homestyle cooking and hospitality in a pastoral setting. The Yankee pot roast, "honey stung" fried chicken and key lime pie with chocolate fudge are worth the trip. * * * *

China's Delight Restaurant, 60 W. 500 South, 322-3112. Generous portions of Vietnamese and Chinese specialties are served in this cleanly appointed downtown restau-rant. * * *

Gourmandie's Restaurant and Patisserie, 250 S. 300 East. 328-9022. A brightly lit and well-tended full-service restaurant where the cornucopia of sweet desserts and pastries overshadows a rather ordinary selection of sandwiches and dinner items. A nice place to have a late-night treat; close to downtown. * * *

Heide's, 925 E. 12400 South, Draper. 572-6927. A charming little German restaurant in a quaint small town, unspoiled by suburban sprawl. A full range of continental dishes, with specialties like roladen, schnitzel and homemade German chocolate cake are more in keeping with the atmosphere. * * * 1/2

McGuires, 531 N. Bluff, St. George. 628-4066. This cozy eatery serves Italian and seafood specialties, along with steak, amid decor accentuated with golf clubs in a place once occupied by a French restaurant. It's as eclectic as southern Utah's growing dining choices. * * *

Basila's Greek Cafe, 2 West St. George Blvd., St. George. 673-7671. From the flaming cheese appetizer to the wonderfully seasoned egg lemon rosemary soup, this small colorful restaurant serves delectable Greek specialties. Nice touches are apparent everywhere, including the decor and attentive service. * * * *

Cuisine Unlimited, 4041 S. 700 East, 268-2332. A little bit of New York with a hefty portion of creativity and careful attention to the essentials. From rich chopped liver to specialty salads and sandwiches, this modest eatery (and considerably larger catering operation) is a brilliant light on what is often an uninspired dining out scene. * * * * 1/2

Cafe Pacific, 999 S. Main (Clarion Hotel), 364-5253. One of Salt Lake's more creative and pleasing eateries returns after a few-year hiatus in California. Seafood and continental specialties with an Oriental touch. * * * *

Chop Suey Luey's, 1328 E. 200 South, 581-1155. While mostly take out with a small dining area, lovers of Chinese cuisine should not be put off by either the size or punster's name. The food is fresh, flavorful and skillfully prepared. Free delivery. * * * 1/2

Dionysus, 369 S. 400 East, 355-6688. Greek cuisines simple and fresh specialties are served in ample portions with moderate prices. Roasted marinated pork, dolmanthes and mousaka are just some of the specialties of this informal restaurant. * * * 1/2

Chowmeinia, 4835 Highland Drive (Cottonwood Mall), 278-1881. Flair and style are reflected in the decor of this cousin to Charley Chow's. A bounty of dim sum (Chinese brunch treats) is the heartbeat of this inventive restaurant's menu. * * * 1/2

Mekong Cafe, 7725 S. State, Midvale. 566-5747. Thai food with just enough of the zip and color to please aficianados and introduce novices to this unique cuisine. * * * 1/2

Hotrod Hundley's Restaurant, 6121 S. Highland Drive, 277-7776. A sport celebrity restaurant that delivers up plenty of sporty atmosphere and all-American cuisine, including hamburgers, sandwiches, hot entrees and appetizers named after some of America's popular basketball, baseball and golf heroes. * * * 1/2

Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant, 2160 S. 700 East, 487-8036. Literally translated as "my little house," this colorful eatery serves up generous portions of Mexican specialties. Distinctive sauces are the highlights of each dish. * * *

Marco Polo, 4835 S. Highland Drive (west-side entrance to Cottonwood Mall), 272-8899. Named after the famous Venetian adventurer who inspired other explorers to travel to the Far East, this Italian restaurant offers a multitude of veal, chicken, seafood and pasta dishes with a variety of sauces from marinara to herb wine. The expert kitchen staff first established their reputation at the first Two Guys from Italy outlet in Sugar House years ago. * * * *

The Southern Plantation, 1465 S. State, 467-7737. This small carry-out place serves up large portions of tempting soul food, barbecued ribs and chicken, fried cat fish, Southern fried chicken. Trimmin's include black-eyed peas, baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad and fresh greens. And don't forget the sweet potato pie. * * * 1/2