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Most DJs are big talkers, but are they big eaters, too? We'll find out Sept. 14 at the Utah State Fair when the Diary Farmers of Utah hosts an ice cream-eating contest at 6 p.m. for Salt Lake area radio personalities.

There's no word yet on which DJs will be entered in the contest, but the disc jockey who has the "quickest consumption rate" for ice cream will receive a cash award.The general public can not only cheer on their favorite radio personality during the contest, but they are also welcome to sample the "All You Can Eat Sundaes" booths, which includes toppings - syrups, whipping cream and nuts. Cost is $2. All proceeds from the event will be donated by the Utah Diary Commission to the Utah State Fair Foundation.

- In addition, the Utah Dairy Commission will team up with KCPX's Gary Zane and Mick MacKay for a "Breakfast in the Park" on Thursday, Sept. 10. From 6-10 a.m., listeners can stop by Sugarhouse Park for one of five healthy breakfast choices at the West Hill Terrace. KCPX will also be broadcasting its "Breakfast Bunch" show live from the park.

- KISN (FM-97.1) - "Fisher and Todd" made an interesting telephone call Monday to Desi Arnaz Jr. in Ojai, Calif. A listener had apparently given the star's home number to KISN, and who but Fisher and Todd would actually try to call it.

Arnaz answered, and after the Utah DJs identified themselves, Arnaz initially sounded excited to have a call from the Beehive State, and I'm sure listeners were expecting to be privy to some friendly conversation. However, seconds later he switched gears and spouted his mailing address before abruptly hanging up.

- Scott Fisher of KISN is also a popular fixture on TV. Unless I'm mistaken, he's the new voice for some Utah McDonald's commercials. If it's not Fisher, a doppelganger has that same smooth and pleasant voice.

- KLZX (alias "Z-93," FM/AM-860) - Rumor had it that a bunch of KSL-TV news people, such as Craig Bolerjack, were going to "invade" the "Jon & Dan" show sometime. Since the Z-93 morning show regularly spoofs several KSL-TV employees, like Doug Miller and Don Gale, the TV people were considering dropping by for their own brand of fun. (It sounds more like TV people wanting to act as crazy as radio people.) Look for more details on this surprise visit in next week's radio dial column.

- KDYL (AM-1280) - Morning personalities Mark Van Wagoner and Danny Kramer will host monthly big band dances at the Red Lion Hotel. Also, KDYL is sponsoring free nostalgic movies at the Tower Theater. Listen to the station on where to pickup free tickets.

- KUER (FM-90.1) will broadcast the Rosalind Runcie concert, recorded at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, at 9 p.m. Monday, Sept. 7.