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Alta View Hospital-

MARTINEZ, David and Terri, Salt Lake City, girl.

PERRY, Shawn and Lisa, Sandy, girl.

ROWLEY, Adrian, Sandy, boy.

FHP Birthing Suites-

BROWN-HIGHLANDER, Deitria, Salt Lake City, girl.

CHANDLEE, Bob and Shelley, West Valley City, boy.

CUTLER, Doug and Corry, Salt Lake City, boy.

McGUIRE, James and Cindy, Midvale, girl.

MOE, Mika and Prenda, West Valley City, boy.

WILLIAMS, Rick and Karen, West Valley City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ALLRED, Rod and Paula, Murray, girl.

ANDERSEN, Tami and SCHMIDT, Bob, Salt Lake City, girl.

CASE, Carl and Deborah, West Valley City, boy.

DELVIE, John and Shauna, Salt Lake City, boy.

EWER, Dennis and Darlene, Salt Lake City, girl.

GARFIELD, Mark and Carson, Salt Lake City, girl.

GERRY, Layne and Trina, Salt Lake City, boy.

HANSEN, Wayne and Trudy, Centerville, girl.

MALCOLM, Randy and Lisa, West Jordan, girl.

MILLSON, Kirt and Alison, Salt Lake City, girl.

PITTS, Darci and PEDERSON, Joseph, Tooele, girl.

SCROGUM, Jimmie and Tricia, West Valley City, boy.

SWASEY, Michael and Renee, Salt Lake City, boy.

TORRES, Mike and Wendy, Salt Lake City, girl.

LDS Hospital-

FRAMPTON, Evan and Wendy, Farmington, girl.

HARRISON, Evan and Jennifer, Salt Lake City, girl.

HOBBS, William and Susan, West Jordan, girl.

MARTIN, Lori, Salt Lake City, boy.

RASMUSSEN, Darrell and Michelle, West Jordan, girl.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

BIRD, Lamont and Lori, West Jordan, girl.

DAVIES, Spencer and Tiffanie, West Jordan, girl.

DOHNOE, Kenneth and LaRae, West Jordan, girl.

DOPORTO, Kenny and Tina, West Valley City, boy.

GILES, Tracy and Juanita, West Jorday, boy.

GUYMON, Jeff and Sherri, Kamas, girl.

HEALEY, Steven and Gloria, West Valley City, girl.

HEWITT, Kevin and Sheila, Bennion, girl.

HYMNS, Mark and Susan, West Valley City, boy.

LLOYD, Daryl A. and Linda, Salt Lake City, girl.

MATHISEN, J.R. and laura, West Valley City, girl.

ROBINSON, Mandy and JACOBSON, James, West Valley City, girl.

SAVEE, Ricahrd and Carole, West Valley City, girl.

TAYLOR, Melvin and Donna, West Valley City, boy.

VALENCIA, David and Rebecca, West Valley City, boy.

WINTER, Robert M. and Jodi, West Valley City, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

COSPER, Kevin and Teresa, Alpine, boy.

GALLEGOS, Russell and Kimmie, Sandy, boy.

GREETSEN, Daniel and Meredith, Salt lake City, girl.

HALL, Roger and Anna, West Valley City, girl.

JARVIS, Mark and Lisa, Bountiful, girl.

OLSON, Todd and Allison, Salt Lake City, boy.

PRUITT, Stephen and Deann, Sandy, girl.

STAINBROOK, Gregory and Debora, Salt Lake City, girl.

THORPE, Derek and Brenda, West Valley City, boy.

WILSON, John and Christy, West Jordan, girl.

University Hospital-

NIELSON, Lewis and Angela, Bennion, girl.