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As a friend and supporter of Jim Bartleson, I want to respond to an unfounded attack by W.R. Pack (Forum, Aug. 19). Pack accused Bartleson of being one of the "good ol' boys" because he has publicly pledged to activate a large group of voters nationwide to put the pressure on Congress to cut their pay, reduce staff and eliminate perks and retirement programs.

I first heard Enid Greene make this illogical suggestion on a radio talk show. For purposes of clarification, the term "good ol' boys" refers to those establishment politicians who believe politics should be left to the professionals - not the people.Bartleson believes that it is the people who govern best, not the "good ol' boys," and that's why one of his key platforms is effective citizen involvement. Bartleson's opponents have pursued a career in politics and they, if anyone, qualify as the "good ol' boys."

G. Robert Murdoch

Salt Lake City