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A mixed terrier named "Mack" bit Angela kaplan of Cleveland more than 180 tismes inside her home until she bled to death on her living room couch, authorities said.

Cleveland police officials said the 28-year-old woman's common-law husband called an ambulance and police officers about 4:20 a.m. Wednesday. He was being held for questioning in the incident.The 8-year-old, 70-pound dog was quarantined in the City kennel, where he was to remain until rabies tests were conducted.

Kaplan suffered more than 60 deep bite markes on her left arm, more than 20 on her left arm, more than 20 on her right arm, and about 100 nonpenetrating wounds to both arms. The county coroner said she would not rule on the death until after a homicide investigation was completed. Police detectives were trying to determine what prompted the attack, which occurred in the couple's bedroom.

Officials said Kaplan's commonlaw husband was in the room when the attack occurred and said he managed to stop the dog and lock the him in another room.

Police said detectives were unable to determine how long the attack lasted or if there was a dispute between Kaplan and her husband.

The unidentified husband told detectives he tried to take his wife to a hospital but she refused. According to a police report, he tried to give her a glass of water but broke the glass, cutting his forehead. He was treated at an area hospital, where he received six stitches.

The husband then reportedly fell asleep in the living room but awakened two hours later and called officials. By then, Kaplan had bled to death, police said.

Several neighbors said the dog, described as vicious looking, was well-trained by Kaplan's husband.