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A nanny who recently quit her job caring for the Duchess of York's children is denying reports she left because of the scandal surrounding "Fergie." a Paris newspaper had said Alison Wardley resigned because of her horror at the goings-on in the York household. The duchess, who is separated from her husband, Prince Andrew, made tabloid headlines around the world when photos surfaced showing her cavorting topless with her "financial adviser," John Bryan. But Wardley, 24, says she never talked to the newspaper Ici Paris. She says she's being used in an attempt to make trouble for the duchess. Wardley, now working at a private nursery school, said, "I spent an absolutely wonderful four years with the duchess. She is a wonderful mother and always places the interests of the girls first." Wardley had looked after princesses Beatrice, 4, and Eugenie, 2, since the royal youngsters were born, but she says it was time to move on when both girls started school this year.