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The artist Christo reached an undisclosed settlement with the family of a woman killed when a gust of wind blew down one of 1,760 giant umbrellas he had placed in a California mountain pass.

"It has been settled to the satisfaction of everyone involved," said Scott Hodes, a Chicago attorney representing Christo.Lori Rae Keevil-Mathews, 33, was killed Oct. 26, 1991, when wind uprooted one of the 488-pound yellow umbrellas and blew it onto her.

The umbrellas were placed in Tejon Pass north of Los Angeles last fall. At the same time, 1,340 blue umbrellas were raised in Japan. Christo called the work "The Umbrellas: Joint Project for Japan and the USA."

The project was insured by the artist for at least $2 million.