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Italian officials on Friday called for warplanes to escort future mercy flights, saying evidence in the crash of an Italian relief plane indicates the aircraft was shot down by a missile.

Meanwhile in Belgrade, Yugoslav Premier Milan Panic survived a no-confidence vote in the federal parliament late Friday. The Serb-born former California businessman has sought to end the Bosnian conflict by pressing for Serb territorial concessions.Outrage over the loss of the Italian plane Thursday was widespread; the bodies of the four crewmen were found Friday. But it was unclear if the anger would scuttle the international airlift to besieged Sarajevo or widen Western involvement in the Bosnian war and raise the chances for foreigners to come under fire.

U.N. officials suspended the airlift while they investigate the crash.

Troops of Bosnia's Muslim, Croat and Serb factions all operate in the area where the plane went down, and no evidence emerged to link any to the incident, U.N. officials said. Serb fighters and Muslim government forces blamed each other.

Acting U.S. Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger said he would "hazard a guess . . . the plane was shot down." He told CNN in Washington "there are a lot of out-of-control people in the area. It could have been anyone."

In Geneva, a U.N. conference appealed for $434 million in world donations to help feed and house refugees in former Yugoslavia. But U.N. officials warned that the $194 million earmarked for Bosnia was far short of what would be needed this winter.

Sir Donald Acheson, the World Health Organization's top envoy in former Yugoslavia, said lack of shelter, food and medicines are likely to be bigger killers than the fighting. He said the health system was crumbling and illnesses more typical of the Third World were emerging.

More than 8,000 people have died - some estimates say up to 35,000 - and tens of thousands are missing in Bosnia's civil war that began after Muslims and Croats voted for independence from Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia. An estimated 2 million people are refugees.

U.N. soldiers found the bodies of the Italian crew Friday after searching through wreckage strewn across a milewide area of a mountain 36 miles west of Sarajevo. Blankets scattered from the plane's 9-ton cargo hung from trees.

The Pentagon said two Marine helicopters may have been shot at Thursday while searching for the Italian plane, in the first use of U.S. aircraft over war-torn Bosnia.