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Perhaps this would be better addressed "To the person who hit my parked car and left." Recently, while attending a musical in Salt Lake, my car was hit while parked and no note nor any sign of anything was left behind by the offender. I suppose that the person who did hit my car could have done it and not known, but from the extent of the damage, I would guess that didn't happen.

I am writing to express my disgust for the American ideology. I think that our country has become very self-centered and nobody seems to care much about anybody else. We as citizens are killing each other to get to the top; and isn't so easy to blame that on the politicians. The government can't stop us from stealing and cheating each other out of jobs.We claim in the pledge of allegiance that we are a "nation under God." Maybe we need to adopt some of the traditional "godly attributes" like honesty. Ten years ago, everybody in this country thought of Russia as the enemy. I think people of the coming generations are going to see their neighbors and friends as the enemy; unless you (the person who hit my car) do something to change that.

Calvin R. Gaisford