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Hal Lindsey's book "The Late Great Planet Earth," printed in the 1970s, has sold 28 million copies and been translated into 53 languages.

Before his Salt Lake speaking engagement Tuesday, the author and evangelical minister said, "The results of my writing have been staggering - beyond my wildest dreams. Wherever I go I meet someone who has come to know the Lord through `The Late Great Planet Earth.' God is definitely inspiring and helping me to understand things. So much prophecy can only be understood by the unraveling of the actual events."As Lindsey preaches his message of recognizing the signs prophesied in the Bible and preparing for Christ's second coming, he says he is beginning to meet strong resistance. "In the '70s and mid-'80s, those who taught prophecy were received with enthusiastic welcome. Now there is re-sisting. Those who teach an imminent coming of Christ are under great attack like never before. In 2 Peter 3:3 ("Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers . . . "), it says no one would be interested or accepting of prophecy except in the church," Lindsey said.

More than 400 people packed the assembly room and overflow area of the Meta Tauta Society to hear Lindsey speak. The following evening he also spoke in Ogden.

Lindsey told of a continuing interest in statistics from the U.S. Geological Survey in Gol-den, Colo., that track major earthquakes (at least 6 on the Richter scale) in the world. "Earthquakes are increasing in frequency and intensity," Lindsey said. "In the decade between 1920-30 there were two major earthquakes; 1930-40 there were five; 1940-50 there four; 1950-60 there were nine; 1960-70 there were 15; 1970-80 there were 46; 1980-90 there were 52 and from 1990 to 1992 there have already been almost as many as in the whole decade from '80 to '90," Lindsey said.

Lindsey quoted Luke 21:25 about "perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves." "We are seeing killer storms when men will die in terror," he said. A friend of Lindsey's was caught in Hurricane Andrew and said that during five hours of sustained 100-mph winds, "He stayed on his knees and prayed not to be terrified out of his wits," Lindsey said. "God has power to protect his own.

"This is the most unstable time in the history of the world," Lindsey said as he discussed the transfer of weapons from the former Soviet Union to Muslim countries. "There are five former Soviet republics where the only thing they have that is marketable are weapons of destruction and the scientists who can make them."

Lindsey worries about the safety of Israel. "Intelligence Digest, which is a strictly secular publication, has predicted that Russia's strong alliances with Muslim powers will drag them into an Arab-Israeli conflict. The axis of Syria and Iran have a clear design: unite Islam, destroy Israel, drive Western powers from the Middle East and prepare for the Muslim conquest of the whole world," Lindsey said.

The author said he hopes to spend some time in Utah this winter. While his wife skis, he said he plans to complete work on his latest book, "Myths of the Middle East: The Desperate Dangers of the Arab-Israeli Conflict." "I recommend Joan Peter's book, `From Time Immemorial,' " Lindsey said. "She has some incredible research and I am interviewing her for my book."

Lindsey said he is grateful to be alive at this point in history. "This is the grace before the harvest. God is calling out his people before the coming of Christ," Lindsey said.