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I race horses and also drive a taxi part time.

If you want to see people's wasteful spending, just come and ride with me in a taxicab all day. Parents take home an abundance of beer and liquor while their kids go without necessities; money is wasted on cab fares when they could take the bus.Don't try to put pari-mutuel in the same class as this. People who go to the races go for entertainment and have a few dollars to do so. Most people talking against us horse people have never been to a horse race. How can they judge what it's about?

And as for the person who was worried about getting used to the pari-mutuel income and then having it cut way down: That statement is like a politician spending money before he gets it. I think the answer is very simple - wait until you get it before you spend it.

We horsemen don't want anyone going to the races if it's going to ruin him. I, for one, think horses have been the backbone of the West.

Ray Moosman