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It is my opinion that the single greatest problem we have in Washington right now is the lack of accountability. President Bush is pointing the finger of blame at the Democratic Congress. Congress is pointing the finger right back, saying all our problems are a result of the president. With line-item veto, there is absolute accountability about how our tax dollars are spent and eliminates the outrageous "pork-barrel spending" that is ruining our economy.

I don't think the tax-paying public should accept any "philosophical differences" on this issue at all, as Joe Cannon suggests. Anyone who does not wholeheartedly endorse line-item veto is primed for "politics as usual," which has left the taxpayers with a $4 trillion hangover.Cannon does not favor term limitations - Bob Bennett does. Again, Cannon seems to favor "politics as usual." We do not need any more career politicians who want to build empires. We need new blood and fresh ideas on a frequent basis.

Finally, I am not impressed - in fact, I take exception - to the huge sums of money spent by Cannon in an attempt to win this election. This "win at any cost" attitude reflects what is wrong with the politicians we already have in Washington. We need someone with the guts to say, "We simply can't afford it," as they make budgetary decisions.

Rick Waltman

Salt Lake City