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Malea Winn has found the skills she learned in a mechanics class at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho, to be a good missionary tool.While enrolled in the class at Ricks, she restored the body of a tractor and rebuilt the engine. For her efforts, she was awarded first place in state competition and went on to the nationals in New York.

Sister Winn, a member of the Jackson 3rd Ward, Driggs Idaho Stake, who is currently serving in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission, received one of her first transfers to Amite, a little town where a small group of members meet in an old train station.

When Mission Pres. Phillip R. Kunz called Sister Winn to her new area of labor, he suggested she look for an opportunity to use her skills in tractor mechanics for one of her service projects or to help her in proselyting.

Soon she and her companion, Sister Joyce Muhlestein from Provo, Utah, were teaching Patty Dinger, a daughter of a local minister.

His tractor had been standing out in the field for a week or so because he could not start it. The minister's daughter suggested that Sister Winn, her Mormon missionary friend, could probably do something to fix it.

Sister Winn headed for the field, did some diagnosis, rewired the tractor and started it right up. Her work gave her a chance to serve others and perhaps even improve relations for the Church in the community.