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Muscovites will have enough heat and plenty of vegetables to get through the winter, although the price of meat and dairy products are expected to soar dramatically, Moscow's mayor says.

In an interview published in Thursday evening's Izvestia, Mayor Yuri Luzhkov also said the city budget will be strained this winter by caring for some 3 million elderly, invalids and children on fixed incomes who are being hurt by inflation."Unfortunately, now we cannot expect to receive such substantial humanitarian aid as last year, although negotiations with the European Community are continuing," he was quoted as saying. Millions of tons of food aid flowed into Russia last winter from abroad to stave off impending food shortages.

Luzhkov, who is facing his first winter as mayor, said the city of 9 million people will have enough coal, heating oil and natural gas stored for the coming winter, which many people fear will be colder than usual.