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White House domestic affairs adviser Roger B. Porter and presidential pollster Richard B. Wirthlin will give two separate addresses Tuesday, Sept. 15, at the University of Utah, analyzing the 1992 presidential campaign, and national economic and social issues.

Both are scheduled to speak at the 16th annual Utah Conference on Global Economics and New Issues in Science, Energy and the Environment.Porter, chief domestic affairs adviser to President Bush, will discuss the economic and domestic challenges facing the United States. He will speak at noon in the A. Ray Olpin Union Building.

Wirthlin, chairman and CEO of the Wirthlin Group, will assess the Bush-Clinton presidential race. He will speak at the 8:35 a.m. keynote session along with Gov. Norman Bangerter, who will review the state's economic prospects.

Other speakers will include Gen. George A. Loulwan, commander and chief of the U.S. Southern Command; Donald H. Sted-man, professor of chemistry at the University of Denver; William M. Cummins, assistant to the vice president for technology at Texaco Inc.; and H. Bruce Oblad, senior staff engineer at Conoco Inc.

The conference is hosted by the Utah Engineering Experiment Station and is co-sponsored by the College of Engineering and Mines, the College of Earth Sciences and the Salt Lake Rotary Club.