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Voters in southeast Sandy will decide Tuesday whether the Alta Canyon Sports Center will get a new pool and indoor gymnasium. No tax increase would be required for the expansions because the ballot proposal would let the center extend repayment of a long-term debt in order to pay for them.

The current debt is due for repayment by late 1996; the proposed restructuring would let the 11-year-old Alta Canyon Recreational District issue $3.5 million in bonds that mature in 20 years.The arrangement essentially would free up enough money to build a six-lane, 25-yard indoor pool and a gym that would house two full-length basketball courts and a circular jogging track one-12th of a mile long. Additional classrooms would also be built, and the center's weight room would be expanded.

The center, which opened in 1984, has about 2,400 members. It is equipped now with a 50-meter outdoor pool, four outdoor tennis courts, two volleyball courts, picnic facilities, six indoor racquetball courts, whirlpools, saunas, a weight room, an aerobic-exercise room and a nursery.

The recreational district is one of only three of its kind in the Salt Lake Valley. Others are in Cottonwood Heights and the Kearns area. All are funded in part by property taxes and in part by membership fees. The Alta Canyon facility charges $120 annually for a basic family membership for residents of the district, which extends from Dimple Dell to Sandy's north boundary and from the city's east border west to 1300 East.

Nancy Shay, the center's executive director, said its board of directors hopes the debt incurred by the expansion could be paid off within 15 or 16 years and that it could be kept to $3.1 million. Directors are asking for the additional $400,000 in case the board decides to buy more property.

Since its inception, the district has also developed four city parks. The sports center is in the middle of an undeveloped parcel of land that includes the site of the Little Cottonwood Project, a 104-acre proposed development that would straddle 2000 East between 9400 and 9800 South and include houses, upscale apartments and retail stores.