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It's wonderful that people have worked hard to make sure anyone with a handicap is not discriminated against. Recently, a law was passed against questions about race, sex, age and even marital status being allowed on employment applications.

Imagine my shock as I job hunted this year and found three or four of the above questions, plus three more, still being asked by employers Any defect in hearing? Any defect in eyesight? Any defect in speech?I have worked outside the home for 30 years and several weeks ago was the first time I ever felt I was handicapped. I had to answer yes to No. 3.

As a child, I suffered a trauma that left me with impaired speech. I was teased and laughed at, and the school for years sent me to one hour of "speech class." But I didn't dwell on it. Somehow just answering that one question brought back old hurts and self-doubts.

Millions of Americans have speech disorders. Who is willing to speak out for us?

Claudette Kay

West Jordan